Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Internet Problems

I haven't posted in about a month, I have lots of excuses.....went to South Carolina for my brother-in-law's retirement party, been busy with a lot of yard work and the garden, but the main reason is our poor Internet quality. We have even changed providers and are still having problems. Maybe we live in a "dead zone". I hope I can get better at catching the Internet working so that I can post to my blog more often.

My flower beds are looking good, if you ignore the weeds. I have some coral bells outside out family room window.

I caught this guy munching on them one morning. He was not at all intimidated when I knocked on the window. I also noticed he has been enjoying the garden, especially the sunflowers, beans and tomatoes. We have replaced one tomato plant twice. Hopefully the Liquid Fence will deter him in the future.

Watching the wildlife from the house has been fun lately. In front of one of the bedroom windows I have a birdhouse my dad made for me years ago. This year some sparrows had a family in it. You can see the little ones waiting to be fed in the following photo.

I was able to catch a picture of the one of the parents looking out of the house. The greens on the side of the house are a clematis that is climbing up the birdhouse pole.

The house is now vacant. The little ones have flown the coop. Here is one of them sitting on a tree branch not far from the house.


Linda said...

What great pictures! It's always enjoyable to read your blog. Hope your internet provider allows for more blogging.

ciocia kot said...

Finally, you're back! I love the bird pictures. I watch my bird feeders often. Yesterday a rabbit, a chipmunk and a couple of birds were scratching around the ground together to get fallen seed.

jenny said...

those are great pictures. I like that last bird one especially.