Monday, June 20, 2011

Late Father's Day Post

I'm a little late with my Father's Day post. Years ago my dad made me this birdhouse. He use to tinker in his shed and had a huge collection of odds and ends. The house has a neat tin roof and the main section was part of a leg of an old dining room table.

The clematis also remind me of my dad. He had three clematis plants on the side of his garage. This time of the year their blooms would cover the entire side of the garage. Miss him.

While taking the clematis photos, I noticed that my red lilies are blooming.

I just love their bright, happy colors.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vintage Style Towel

My best friend, Linda, gave me this cute sewing sack. It is made from a kitchen towel. I love the vintage style embroidery on the top. I remade the bag into a hanging towel because I wouldn't use it very often as a sack.

I refolded the sack and sewed rick rack on the top.

On the back I made a sleeve to hold a large magnet.

I have the towel hanging on my dishwasher and I can enjoy the cuteness daily :)