Sunday, September 26, 2010

Novi Sewing Expo

Yesterday Tom and I went to the Sewing Expo in Novi. It was fun to check out the new sewing and craft products on the market.

Tom was willing to go with me as payback for all the car events we go to during the summer.

There was one wall with sewing projects displayed. These two photos were the closest we came to checking out cars.

I purchased a set of glue, glitter and foil to use in embellishing. Already watched the video for directions and hints. Looking forward to using my new toy.

Found a unique pair of tweezers, I think they will be great for working with tiny Swarovski crystals.

Since we were in the neighborhood, we visited Jeff. He found a barbecue place, Burroughs Tavern, in Brighton that was really wonderful.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Invitational Part 2

These are Kaye England's quilts, in no particular order.

This is Kaye's Blueberry Baskets quilt.

This is the Betsy Ross pattern.

This on is the Amelia Earhart pattern.

The quilt below is the Amber Waves of Grain pattern.

This quilt is Kaye's Country Lanes pattern.

This one is Tuscan Windmills.

Kaye's Double Dozen pattern was used in both of these quilts. Kaye taught this pattern in a class on Thursday.

I think everyone who attended the Invitational enjoyed listening to Kaye and learned a lot.....two of her best hints were 1. Don't have to prewash fabrics and 2. Don't have to iron as you sew, only when a block is complete.
When I went to post this I noticed this is my 201st post. How time flies :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Millington Quilt Club Invitational 2010

The Millington Quilt Club had its Invitational on Wednesday. Our guest speaker was Kaye England. The event was held at a local church. Kaye spoke in the church and a lunch was served later in the attached meeting hall. Club member decorated the hall with numerous quilting projects. These pictures were taken before the event.

Guest were greeted in the church entry where we also displayed our projects.

Yesterday was Dena's birthday. This is part of our club singing "Happy Birthday" to her before guests arrived.

This is Carole introducing Kaye England. Carole was the chairperson of the event. She put in a lot of hours and all her preparations made the event a success.

Kaye England was a very entertaining speaker. She presented a lot of information in a humorous manner.

This is a photo of the back of one of Kaye's quilts. As you can see we had a full house, we sold 250 tickets to the event.
I will post more photos of Kaye's quilts in another post.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Flowers and Bees Again

I have been working on a birthday present for Dena but I can't post it until she receives it. Instead I'm going to post some photos of flowers I took earlier this week.

It was a sunny day and the blanket flowers next to the front fence looked especially happy.

The big fluffy bees were happy to pose for me.

I always think it would be neat to transform one of my flower and bee photos into a wall hanging but I'm not sure how to deal with the small details.

Friday, September 10, 2010

September Millington Quilt Club Meeting

Viola really outdid herself quilting this past month. She made five lap quilts to be donated to Veterans.

Viola also made this quilt top for a gift. Sorry the photo is blurry.
Viola made this top for a niece's wedding present.
Mary made this purse.
This is Sydney showing us a purse made from three fat quarters.
Marge shared one of the quilts she and her daughter, Amy are making for the Veterans. She used flannel to line hers.
Our president, Julie shared a quilt her 12 year old summer guest made. The girl worked on the quilt during our quilt show this summer. She had never sewn before and was doing a beautiful job. Julie quilted it for her.
Julie quilted this lilac and yellow quilt.
I really like Jan's colorful ant quilt. She quilted it using her embroidery machine, stitching the in ants and ant tracks.
Jan made 4-in-1 place mats. This one had 4 different fruits on the sides. Her other place mat had 4 veggies on the sides.
This Orion Star quilt was made by Jan.
Jan also made this colorful quilt using panels with unique cats.
Vivian shared two crazy quilt squares she has been working on. My photo doesn't do justice to her beautiful hand work.
Nancy made this wall hanging using her new sewing machine.
Last fall, Lenore Crawford taught a class in Millington. Most of us have an UFO in our stash, but Sue finished her project. Sue painted some of the details and her quilting really defined the dogwoods. Sue's husband made her the cherry frame.
Just for fun, Sue shared a bag she had purchased. It was one long zipper.
Mary Lou shared a charity quilt she had quilted. Jan made the quilt.
The back of the quilt is almost as pretty as the front.
Diane made this photo quilt for her grandson's graduation. Lucky young man.
Thank you to Linda for taking notes while I took pictures.