Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Multiplying Bunnies

Bunnies seem to multiply at my home. This pair has been with us the longest. My cousin, Kathy painted them as prizes at my bridal shower.

Thirty years ago, before Angie was born, I bought this threesome. I wasn't sure if Ang was going to be a boy or girls so I bought one bunny that looked like a boy to represent Jeff, one that looked like a girl for Jenny and one bunny that could be either male or female.

When we redid my sewing room, I found these bunny spools and thimble on Ebay.

A few years ago, after we went through my mom's knickknacks, these bunnies joined my Easter collection.

The last time I worked at our church's Mission Store, I couldn't pass by this pair at ten cents each.

This winter has been long and snowy, meaning I've had way too much time to browse the internet.....found this cookie jar on sale at the Fritz and Floyd outlet!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Bunny

A short time ago, I completed a bunny wall hanging.

My color choices were not as bright as I normally pick.

The applique work was done by hand. After completing the bunny, I realized in the future I will try to match the thread more closely to the fabric so the stitches don't show as much.

I found the pattern for the 3-dimensional flowers in a book Jenny gave me, "A Gathered Garden" by Carol Armstrong.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Signs of Spring

This cardinal may not look like a sign of spring, but he's thinking spring.

For the past week, he has been trying to get into the girl's bedroom window.

He has made a mess of the window, I think he seeing himself in glass and thinks it's another bird who might be interested in his territory. Most springs we have a cardinal in love with one of the windows in the house.

My sister-in-law had a crocus a week ago. I was so jealous. Yesterday, I noticed that even though the snow in the front yard is 16 inches deep in places, we have a crocus too.

If you just look at the crocus and avoid the snow, it's spring :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Coupon Holder

I have been carrying my coupons for restaurant and store discounts in an envelope in my purse. I could have kept changing the envelope when it started to fall apart, but instead I decided to make a quilted coupon holder.

Velcro was used as the clasp. The inside is lined with the heavy interfacing which is used to make fabric bowls. I cut it into pieces and allowed space between the pieces so the holder would fold neatly. The only problem encountered was the binding. Like a book binding, it needed more binding on the outside than the inside. The problem was solved by sewing that section by hand.

This is the inside of the finished holder.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

March Millington Quilt Club Meeting

At our March meeting, Jan showed us how she completed the Round Robin Quilt some of the members have been working on. They all did a gorgeous job.

This is Vivian showing the back of her hand sewn sewing kit.

Darlene had fun putting the zipper into her purse.

Sidney made a purse from Mary's jacket.

This is Mary showing us the remains of her jacket.

Marlene finished this applique which she started long ago, she asked for ideas on how to use the square. It may become a pillow.

Karen made this quilt to be a cover for her husband's casket. Hopefully it will not be used for a long time.

Jan has really been busy completing projects. This was a mystery quilt she finished.

She used up scraps to make this beautiful quilt.

Jan had enough scraps from the quilt to make two wall hangings.

Jan also made this red, white and blue quilt with scraps.

Diane shared a sewing kit she made. It held a lot of supplies, including a rotary cutter and a small cutting mat.

This is Mary Lou's detailed block of the month quilt.

Carole had fun making two iron on fusible tops using her stash. Very spring like :)

Marian has been doing a lot of hand work. She shared some Grandmother's Garden blocks.

Nancy got the inspiration for this quilt from the tile floor in her camper.

Jan completed this pretty dogwood wall hanging.

She used up flannel scraps to make this rag quilt.

Pat made this quilt for a friend's birthday.

These are my latest projects...more on them later.

Dena has been thinking spring.

She practice paper piecing on this mini wall hanging.

She also shared a bag she made from a panel she received as a gift.

Eileen showed us two bags she made for the homeless.

This is the bag Kay made.

Faith showed us her completed mystery quilt.

Thanks to Dena for taking notes, while I took pictures.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Using Up Leftovers

Last summer, some of my friends and I took some Crazy Quilting classes. Dena has since decided she doesn't enjoy doing hand work. She was very generous and gave me her threads and trims.

After making Cheryl's birthday present, I had a lot of leftovers. Rather than just adding them to the ever growing stash, I decided to make Dena a thank you present. I made a pair of placemats.

The backs were the leftover rooster print. Dena also decorates her kitchen with a rooster theme.

More scraps went into a pair of napkins.

A pair of hot pads used up most of the rest of the leftovers.