Friday, September 24, 2010

Invitational Part 2

These are Kaye England's quilts, in no particular order.

This is Kaye's Blueberry Baskets quilt.

This is the Betsy Ross pattern.

This on is the Amelia Earhart pattern.

The quilt below is the Amber Waves of Grain pattern.

This quilt is Kaye's Country Lanes pattern.

This one is Tuscan Windmills.

Kaye's Double Dozen pattern was used in both of these quilts. Kaye taught this pattern in a class on Thursday.

I think everyone who attended the Invitational enjoyed listening to Kaye and learned a lot.....two of her best hints were 1. Don't have to prewash fabrics and 2. Don't have to iron as you sew, only when a block is complete.
When I went to post this I noticed this is my 201st post. How time flies :)

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Linda said...

Congratulations on 201 posts! I've enjoyed every posting and am looking forward to 201 more!