Friday, December 3, 2010

Please Excuse My Venting

Our church had a booth at the city's Craft Show last week. I donated some hot pads.

I also made a table runner for the sale.

We were asked to price our items. I had priced my hot pads at $3 each, that's the same price Meijers (local grocery/department store) charges for plain hot pads. I priced the table runner at $10. The table runner and 4 hot pads sold. It was sad to see all the hand crafted items that didn't sell. There were beautiful hand knit stocking hats for $3 and knit scarves for $3 to $5 which didn't sell. My friend made a pretty baby quilt and had it professionally quilted. She priced it at $25 and it didn't sell. She paid more than that to have it quilted. I believe people have gotten used to Dollar Store pricing and items made in China so they don't appreciate hand made items. I don't know how crafters can make any profit when their supplies cost more than what stores charge for the imported items.


jenny said...

As the owner of many of your fine potholders, I will suggest that you focus on your crafting energies on those who appreciate them most - your family. Hungry for instance would love it if you made him a pair of pants.

mrsquarles said...

Hi Mary I love your potholders you made for me they are so special and they mean a lot. These pot holders you made for the craft sale are so adorable I will buy some if you still have some left just let me know. Your daughter is right focus on your crafting energies and your family who cherishs your wonderful sewing. Many blessings.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Your things are darling. They should have been priced double that. I really love purchasing hand made. It is sad people don't value that. I'd rather have 2 things hand made than 10 from bulk made out of USA. I went to a craft fair too. I found some of that there as well - under pricing without even selling. Oh well. Nice of you to donate your potholders.