Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Getting Ready for a Baby Shower :)

I'm helping with a baby shower for my niece. Very exciting...this will the first baby on my side of the family in 30 years. I made 10 pair of hot pads for prizes.

I tried a new pattern on these hot pads. They were easy to make but used 6 layers of fabric...a little costly considering fabric is near $10 a yard in a quilt store.

The rest of the hot pads were made using a top, back, layer of Warm & Natural and a layer of Insu Bright.

I decorated some Hersey Nuggets using address labels. A picture (ultra sound) of my future great niece is on the top of the label and happy flowers are on the sides.

On the bottom, there is a "thank you" from the baby to the shower guests.


jenny said...

some of those look familiar... :)

have fun at your shop hop!

Linda said...

Very nice hotpads! You are a very nice aunt to make all those.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Fun. It is almost as fun to be a great aunt than a grandmother. I really have enjoyed my sisters grandchildren, too. The gifts are really sweet.