Saturday, July 9, 2011

Trip to Spain

At the end of June, my daughter, Jenny, and I went to Spain to visit my other daughter, Angela and her husband Austin. This is a photo of Jenny, Ang and Austin in front of the apartment Ang found for us to stay in. (Most of the doorways we saw were very tall, had two doors and doorknobs in the center of the door.

Jenny, myself and Ang in front of a olive tree.

One of the nighttime views from our apartment.

The streets in the neighborhood we stayed in.

Austin is walking down a typical street in Madrid. Most of the cafes had outdoor seating. We paid a premium to sit was about 100 degrees during our visit.

One of our lunches at an outdoor cafe.

Plaza Major in Madrid.

Streets and cathedral in Segovia...a half hour train ride from Madrid.

Middle ages castle in Segovia.

Ceiling in a cathedral next to the king's palace in Madrid. (full of quilt ideas)

More quilting ideas in a ceiling in the castle.

Ang found some fabric stores for us to shop at. They sold mostly home decor fabric but I did find a cute renmant. I think it's cotton and it measures 25 inches by 104 inches...cost 2.40 euro. The fabrics all seemed to be very wide. I did see some fabric labeled for patchwork but it was not at all like the fabrics we use in America.

Ang and Austin were great hosts and we enjoyed ourselves.

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Lovely lovely photos. I had to look at them over and over. What a wonderful trip with your family. Something to make memories for a lifetime.