Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Block Exchange

It's been busy holiday season so I'm late at posting the block exchange at our last quilt club meeting. At our December Quilt Club meeting we exchange 12.5 inch quilt squares. I've been making 3 squares and saving one for myself. Eventually I will have enough squares to make a Christmas quilt. This year I used pictures from a redwork panel as the center of my squares.

The border was a variety of red and white squares.

The red inner border was 3-dimensional, folded fabric inserted between the panel and squares.

I received two pretty squares in the exchange. Jan P. made the one below. I love the detail and bright, happy colors.

My second block was made by my best friend, Linda. She used a panel picture for the center and framed it with blue Christmas prints, very nicely done.

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Anonymous said...

Mary, Where did you get the redwork blocks made at? I made a Christmas quilt like that and I love those patterns!