Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kermit Christmas Stocking

Some of my friends have grandchildren or grandpuppies but I have a grandfrog. Angela and Austin have a frog, Killer. While they are living in Spain, Killer is in foster care in NYC.

I had promised to make Austin a Christmas stocking a couple of years ago. He wasn't here for Christmas in 2010 before they got married and last Christmas they stayed in Spain. Since they were going to be here this year, I figured I had better follow through on my promise. I made Austin a Kermit the Frog stocking using a vintage pattern I found on EBay.

The stocking was made with wool felt and lined with a cotton Christmas print.

Another Christmas project...an owl pillow for Jenny.


Linda said...

Love the stocking and the owl!

Sally said...

Would you be interested in selling the Vogue pattern? I made my daughter this stocking in 1982 (when she was 2) and recently she has made several comments about my replacing that stocking. Apparently she loved her Kermit stocking and has not forgiven me. :)
I have not been able to find the pattern online - would you be interested in selling yours.
Sally Norton, Marietta, Ohio. sallynh@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

How can i get one of the kermit stockings?

Anonymous said...

I just found, and bought, this pattern on eBay- About $10 before S&H. My sister is totally going to freak out (in joy) once I surprise her with the sewn and finished product. Yay!