Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Turning Twenty...Again

A few years ago, Jenny made me this beautiful quilt.
The big blocks have handmade redwork.

Jenny gave me the pattern, "Turning Twenty...Again."  I used it to make this quilt.

I had purchased the backing fabric a few years ago because I liked all the happy, bright colors.  I was at a loss as to what colors I should use on the front.  I had asked for help at a quilt shop and purchased fat quarters in medium tones of blue, gold and green.  I just couldn't work with the quiet colors.  I followed Jenny's advice and used her method of picking fabrics for the top.... she chooses colors from the fabric she uses on the back. I liked being able to pick brighter colors for the front.  The quilt may be a little to bright for some tastes but it does seem cheerful.

The quilt pattern is somewhat retro, large flowers and swirls.


Linda said...

So cheerful and bright. Love it.

jenny said...

I love it!

Your color choices are interesting (in the good way) - it is lively without really being loud.