Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Camera

We got a new camera, one of the real small ones to carry in a pocket. I have to get used to not having a viewfinder. I don't particularly like using the sceen. When the sun is shining I can't see the picture at all and usually I can't tell what faces are looking like. I tested the camera on some flowers, worked fairly well on zumming in on the bee. We went to the Frankenmuth Autofest last weekend. The camera was a lot easier to carry than my regular one. I had to take a picture of the blue camero because it looked a lot like my first car, except I didn't have a spoiler on the back. After we got married Tom painted white stripes on the car so the picture is fairly correct.


jenny said...

watch out for those bees. I got stung yesterday for the first time and didn't like it.

Anonymous said...

That pic of the bee is so nice! Enter any photo contests lately?
Remind me when we get together to ask you a question~