Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Big 60

Turning 60 was a pleasant experience. I was already feeling old because while at the dentist last week another patient asked my advice about her Halloween costume. She pointed out that since I was older I would be able to tell if her 1967 costume was correct. No problem, I remember 67 styles--I was at CMU at the time. What bothered me was she looked about my age, at most a few years younger...so the question seemed an insult.

We went to Jeff's house on Sunday(my birthday). Some of my brother and sister-in-laws met us at Jeff's and we went to a nice home town tavern-restaurant in Milford. After an enjoyable time at the restaurant, we went back to Jeff's for birthday cake. He actually made a cake for me...a pudding cake. He wasn't sure if it would be enough so he had also bought a cake at Meijers. His cake was much tastier. It was great to celebrate my birthday with family members.

On Monday, my best friend Linda invited some of our friends to her home to celebrate my birthday. She went all out...great food, beverages and decor. We always have a great time together, we spend so much time laughing. Linda and I have been best friends for about 40 years but don't have that many photos together. Her daughter was kind enough to take our picture.

Many thanks to my family and friends for making turning 60 a fun time.


jenny said...

It seems like a good thing that you think the woman at the dentist's office looked only a few years younger. She knows she is in her forties and that you are older, but she looks like she is in her fifties. so you have aged better than her.

anyway, in case you have another birthday party today, hope it is fun.

Thimble Lover said...

I not only forgot your birthday, but also my mothers... Not been a good time for remembering...perhaps my mind is leaving me!
Happy Belated Birthday!!