Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Redoing Our Bedroom

We have been busy for the last month having all the woodwork in the house replaced. We also changed cabinets in a bathroom and the pantry in the kitchen. All the wood now matches the cherry kitchen cabinets. We hadn't changed our bedroom for about 25 years, so we got a new bedroom set, painted the walls and put in new carpet. I've been making window treatments. Originally we were only going to have valances...better to show off the new woodwork. However when I completed them the windows looked a little bare, so I had to buy more fabric to make some drapes. I couldn't get all the fabric I wanted and now I wonder if the drapes are too short. I could add a border on the bottom to match the tabs at the top. Any thoughts?

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Linda said...

The drapes look beautiful! In my opinion I don't think they are too short. The curtains in our bedroom only go to the bottom of the window frame. I like them that way. It collects less dust and shows off the window more.