Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mighty Nice Mice

For my birthday, Jenny made me two cute mice pictures. (I like mice in pictures, photos, ceramics, but definitely do not want the real animal in my home.) Since I didn't have a good spot to hang the crewel work, I told Jenny that I would make some pillow using them. While she was home for Christmas, Jenny decided they could be made into a table runner. She bought some fabric to make a braided back and frame the mice. Jenny finished the runner before she left for home. She did a very nice job. I will enjoy the mice on the table, but will turn the runner over when I serve food to protect them.


mrsquarles said...

aww how cute! The mice are so adorable and Jenny did a wonderful job on making the runner for you. You certainly have very talented children.

Thimble Lover said...

Those mice are just beautiful!!
She did a Wonderful job!