Thursday, February 12, 2009

Millington Quilt Club Meeting

The Millington Quilt Club met yesterday. First they have a business meeting and "Show & Tell". I showed off the quilt I made for Jeff. After lunch someone usually teaches us a new technique or pattern.
Many of the members only stay for the meeting and lunch. Linda and I stayed and worked on the group lesson. The lady presenting it called it a snowball block but I haven't found it called by that name any where else. We made 4 patches and then made them into mini quilted circles, quilting them in the ditch on the 4 patch side. The quilted circles are then sewn together. The top of the finished quilt is suppose to be the white side with the flaps.
Linda and I only put 4 circles together, thinking we could use them as a trivet. I used insulbright in mine for the batting because I wanted it to resist heat. I think that was a big mistake, the batting was too thick and sewing the circles together near the center was difficult. It was also hard to quilt over the flaps because the layers were too thick. Linda used warm & natural and had less trouble. Most of the other women were using thin poly filling. That was probably the best choice, but it wouldn't have been good to put hot dishes on. Some of the members were going to have a sleepover, sewing late into the night and this morning. It should be fun to see their quilts at the next meeting.


mrsquarles said...

It turned out so nice Mary. I love the colors you chose for this project. It is nice to see spring colors.

jenny said...

this is an interesting design. I've never seen it before. it would be neat to see with more circles too.