Friday, July 10, 2009

Latest Projects

When I was young my mom made most of my clothes in order to save money. So I think a lot of us "Baby Boomers" look upon homemade as inexpensive. I don't think that is the case any longer and in fact it costs a lot more to sew than to buy off the rack.
I made myself a pair of pajama pants. Luckily everything was on sale and I used a 10% off the total at JoAnn Fabrics last weekend. The McCall's pattern was regularly $12.95, fabric was normally $6.99 a yard and the thread regularly $1.75. I ended up spending $13.96. Even though that was a big savings, I could have purchase the pants for less.

I used Debbie Mumm fabric. I know most quilters recommend buying fabric at the local quilt shops but I figured I wasn't making a quilt.

This past week I also made some hot pads for my friend, Amy. Her birthday was a few weeks ago, so I was a little late.

I used the leftover fabric from the tote bag I made a few weeks ago. Amy has a cat so I thought she would like the fabric.

I appliqued a flower in the center of the hot pads. Once I was done, I realized the border around the flower would have looked better if I had just used the black and white fabric. Next time I will have to lay out the pieces before I sew.


mrsquarles said...

very cute pj pants your so good! I also love my potholders so much they are hanging in my kitchen and I smile everytime I look at them. Thanks again and see you soon!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Yes. My mom sewed everything to save. Patterns are 9-10$ and fabric so expensive. It doesn't make sense to sew clothes considering the time and unclear outcome.

Well it doesn't make $ sense to make quilts either. I guess if you love it, do it.