Sunday, February 14, 2010

Paisley Vest

When I was in New York last fall to help Ang shop for her wedding dress, we found some neat fabric in the garment district. I made a vest out of one of the fabrics. I may wear it to the Rehearsal Dinner.

The fabric was very hard to photograph because it has a lot of metallic gold in it. I bought the fabric thinking I would use the other side on the outside because it was more purple. The more I looked at the fabric, the more it looked like the gold with blue and purple was the right side.

I love purple and plan to wear a purple blouse with the vest.


mrsquarles said...

oh wow how wonderful your vest is. I just love the fabric and your going to look very nice in it. I hope you have a very nice time at the wedding.Take lots of pictures so we can see.

Linda said...

Wow! Your sewing machine must be smoking! You sure have been busy. The vest is beautiful and looks great with purple and blue, too.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Its very pretty and well made. Goes back to my comment to you about you saying we don't want to look homemade. Well this vest doesn't look homemade! You know gold and silver in clothing is so in style. At least that is my 22 year old's trend so you are with it girl.