Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pretty Pink Peonies

My mom raised beautiful flowers. In the summer, she always had bouquets of flowers on her dining room table. The year before she passed away she gave me one of her peony plants. It did not bloom for a couple of years but now it has gorgeous blooms.

The flowers seem to attract ants. I remember them on her table too. Since my bouquet was small I think I managed to shake off most of the insects.

I keep trying to create the perfect fitting vest. I have a quilted pattern I want to use, but only when I know the vest will fit when I get it done. A couple of people recommended I make a muslin test vest. It seemed like a waste of time and fabric (I realize that's not really true). I found some inexpensive home decorator fabric at JoAnn's and used that to test my pattern again. I can wear my test vest and don't feel I'm out time or money :)


Linda said...

What a beautiful "test vest"! It matches your peonies. Glad that your mom's plant is finally blooming for you.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

You know my mom used to make muslin tests of things. I always thought it was a huge waste of time/effort. I like your way much better.