Friday, July 16, 2010

Millington Quilt Club July Meeting

Wednesday the Millington Quilt Club had a meeting. We don't usually meet during the summer so the meeting was short and quite a few members were missing. Our show n' tell was a lot quicker also. This is a picture of Elaine and Pat showing us baby quilts they made. The quilts tops were made from a yard of three different fabrics, so they still have tops for two more baby quilts each.

This is Elaine's first quilt. She did a beautiful job. Connie, the owner of My Lil Quilt Shop, helped Elaine with the quilt. They designed it together as they went.

Sydney made this purse and trimmed it with some beads from her stash.

Amy made these three baby quilt tops, which she donated to the club.

This is my best friend, Linda with a ladybug purse she made.

Jeananne made her bag in the same class she and Linda took at My Lil Quilt Shop. She added a longer handle to her purse.

Jan is showing off her pretty ribbon embroidered jacket.

Viola is showing us some of the credit card holders she made for the club.

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Linda said...

Where is your beautiful table runner and wall hanging?