Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blue Jays Love Peanuts

Last fall, Tom found some old peanuts that had been in the back of his snowmobile since the previous winter. He decided to feed them to the birds. We discovered that blue jays love peanuts.

Now, we occasionally buy peanuts for the blue jays. Within a half hour all the peanuts will disappear. It seems like the blue jays communicate with one another when they find we've put out peanuts. One after another, they swoop in and take off with a peanut.

Tom has even seen them pack in two peanuts before they leave. I wasn't able to catch a photo of that.


Linda said...

How funny!

ciociakot said...

They do the same thing at my house. In fact, within five minutes after the peanut supply is replenished they all figure it out and come swooping down to grab peanuts. I think maybe they're watching for me. And I only put the peanuts out two or three times a week. Maybe they take turns doing watch duty.