Sunday, October 23, 2011

Art in Flushing

Two of my cousins have art shows in Flushing. Tom is showing his photography at Rye's Bakery. We were impressed not only with the photos but the charm of the old time bakery-coffee house.

My picture doesn't do justice to the size of these LOW FAT muffins. The bake goods we purchased were wonderful but I don't think they could be considered diet food.

Here are some of Tom's photos.

A few more below.

After visiting the bakery, we went to Fandangles Restaurant for a delicious lunch. My cousin Donna is one of the two artists showcases at Fandangles. Her work covers two walls of the restaurant.

I only took a photo of one of the the time I decide to take more pictures there were other customers sitting in front of the other wall.

This painting is the Clock Tower in Venice, Italy. Many of Donna's watercolors were scenes from the Middle East or Europe. I know she took a cruise there last fall so I'm sure her paintings are based on photos she took.

The painting below was Folk Dancers from Dubrounik, Croatia. I had to take a closeup of this painting so I could show it to my daughter,Angela, who vacationed in Croatia this summer.

My husband and I enjoyed our visit to Flushing, hoping Donna and Tom have more shows in the future.

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Nanette Merrill said...

Great art. Great restaurants. Nice trip.