Monday, August 20, 2012

Pumpkin Wall Hanging

My best friend, Linda, just celebrated her birthday.  I had planned to make her a pumpkin wall hanging using this kit.

However, I find I can't follow directions.  I also kept changing fabrics and ended up only using one piece of fabric in the kit.  This is my finished project.

I pieced the background using assorted beige scraps  from my stash.  I padded the pumpkins.  The leaves nearest the pumpkins were also padded and they are only tacked down so they are 3-dimensional.

Instead of sewing the tiny vines, I found some lime green ric rac leftover from another project.  I dyed it with tea and then used glitter markers and glitter glue to add some sparkle.


Linda said...

I like it much better than the kit. You are so talented.

Sharon B said...

You have a very lucky friend.