Wednesday, August 21, 2013

AQS Grand Rapids Quilts

Last week I went to the ASQ Quilt Show in Grand Rapids.  I had a great time shopping and admiring the gorgeous quilts.  After looking at the booklet we received at the show, I think I can post photos of the quilts as long as I give credit to the maker.  Below are some of my favorites, hopefully with the correct artist's name below the quilts.

Little Girl and Dog by Hiroko Miyama

Bailey by Cheryl Lynch

Willy Nilly by Pamela M. Peck

Capturing Brittany by Lenore Crawford

A Garden Path Perspective by Deb Sweemer

Zucchini Glut by Laura Fogg

Chartreuse, Celadon, Kelly, Fern by Pamela Zave

Escuchame by Beth Markel
Six Fifteen by Tina McCann

 Piece and Quiet by Cynthia England
Wings and Feathers by Mark Sherman

Notice the quilting and use of rhinestones.  A lot of the quilts in the show used rhinestones as accents :)

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