Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Window Challenge Quilt

We had a challenge at the Millington Quilt Club to make a small window quilt. 
This was my attempt.
I used a panel for the scene in the window.  The window frame is all the same fabric; the lightest was bleached and the medium is the back of the fabric.  I used fabric markers and fabric crayon to darken other parts of the window frame.

The best part of the project was being able to embellish the panel.  The scarf's pompoms are wool felt, the smile on the snowman is made up of beads and tiny black buttons represent the coal down his front. 

The berries are embellished with a variety of different sizes of rhinestones.  The clumps of snow were painted with fabric glitter.


Linda said...

What a neat project! Love it!

jenny said...

this is awesome!! nice work