Friday, March 21, 2014

Queen Red Lime Zinnia Wall Hanging

I'm a member of an art quilt group in Saginaw.  Last fall we each received this piece of fabric to use in making an art quilt.

This is my finished project.

My first step was deciding I wanted to use the fabric to make a big flower.  In the Burpee seed catalog I found a flower that was both pink and green, so I decided to make a Queen Red Lime Zinnia.  I was going to put a seed packet on the quilt.  I ordered the zinnia seeds from Burpee so I could copy it onto fabric...well when I got my order, the seeds were in a plain wrapper, no photo on the front.  I called Burpee and was told the seeds were not sold in stores so I wouldn't be able to get a packet with a photo.   Luckily I had an old seed package in my gardening supplies.  I scanned it and changed the wording and added the photo from the Burpee  catalog.  So my seed packet is one of a kind.
The leaves on the quilt have embroidered veins and are three dimensional.

The center of the zinnia had hand sewn beads and a border of ric rac.
For Christmas my daughter, Angela, gave me a set of  Dye-na Flow ink/paints.  I used the green ink to make the center row of petals greener.  In the middle row of petals, I used the inks to tone down the orange stripe in the fabric.  The fabric used in the outside row was colored with the magenta ink.  The inks were also used to add color to the ric rac  in the center of the flower.



jenny said...

I love it! the second leaf worked out well. great job!

Linda said...

You should win a prize-very creative!