Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stuffed Peppers

Recently I made stuffed peppers. My brother-in-law, Phil and sister-in-law, Linda have a huge garden. They sell their produce and flowers at a farmers market. They gave me some pablano peppers to make the stuffed peppers. I was afraid they might be too hot for my taste so I also used some bell peppers.

When I stuffed the pablano peppers, I took Kathryn's advice and laid the long peppers on their sides.

I combined different recipes I found on In my final recipe the peppers were stuffed with corn, rice, stewed tomatoes and ground beef, then topped with tomato soup and cheddar cheese.


Linda said...

Those peppers look delicious! mmm

mrsquarles said...

I love stuffed peppers they look so good. I bet they tasted as good as they look in the picture.