Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Finally, Signs of Spring

Spring has finally arrived. A clump of mini daffodils is blooming in the front garden.

Outside our bedroom window a robin has her nest in the birch tree.

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day, so I was working in my flower beds and checking out the yard to see what was coming up.  As I came around the back side of the house I noticed there was fresh mulch on the ground in a strip about 6 feet by 2 feet.  I couldn't imagine where it came from.

Coming around to the front of the house I saw that some bird had been building a nest on the brick ledge.  Not a wise place for a nest...I'm sure the wind has been blowing the twigs and grass on to  the ground....our new mulch.

Looking up I also noticed another bird was constructing a nest above the shutter.  I've seen sparrows in and out of the bird I think we have a nest there too.  (You might notice that the shades are down in the window....we are trying to detour a robin who keeps flying at the window...he must be seeing his image and think it's another bird?)

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jenny said...

I wish it were spring the robin picture!