Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hungry Animal Alphabet Quilt

Last fall, while visiting Jenny in Boulder, we went to Quilt A Fair in Longmont. One of the booths sells odds and ends, perhaps the booth is organized by a group of quilters and they clean out their stashes. Usually Jenny is able to find some vintage fabric at this booth. This fall, I found a set of 4 Hungry Animal Alphabet panels for $2. I used one of the panels to make a baby quilt for charity. I used scraps from my stash and only purchased a yard of fabric for the backing and borders.

I loved the squares in the panel.  Each section had so many things associated with the letter.  For example, S is for sheep, sunflowers, sink, snow, suitcase, shutter, salt and pepper shakers, perhaps that's a scoop or shoe horn near the sunflower?

The panel sections were not the same size but I made the blocks the same size.

Even thought the yard of fabric I purchased was 60 inches wide it wasn't quite enough for borders and backing.  I ended up piecing the back with some of the fabrics used in the blocks on the front.


jenny said...

ooooh, very nice! I love that fabric. Quilt-a-fair is awesome and even better when you come with me.

joystudio said...

Hello There - I found this post and just wanted to tell you, nice job. I love what you did with my Hungry Animal Alphabet fabrics. And from remnants, very nice.