Saturday, May 25, 2013

Where Are My Tulips?

I've been noticing a lot of my tulips didn't bloom this spring. I think I've found the cause.   The bunny likes to spend his early morning in the flower bed just outside our bay window.  He eats the seeds dropped from the bird feeder.

Not only has he eaten the tips of the tulip leaves, he also has been munching on the leaves on the tree.

We've gotten to watch for him each morning, well, the other morning.......we could have a lot of bunnies in our future!
Thanks to Jenny, I have something new in my sewing room.
Jenny made me the owl picture for Mother's Day.

The picture is all hand sewn beads!


jenny said...

I love the bunny pictures!

Linda said...

I love the owl picture! Nice job, Jenny.

macdaddy said...

The bunny picture is amazing. I think that Jenny should reproduce it in beads :)

The beaded owls are very cool. I've never seen that technique before. It came out great.