Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lenore Crawford in Millington

Lenore Crawford was our guest speaker at the Millington Quilt Club Invitational last Wednesday. She shared her techniques and then showed us some of her beautiful art quilts. The first style of work she did was watercolor using 2 inch squares.

Later she added applique to the watercolor quilts.

Most of the work she showed us involved fusing and fabric painting. The painting was a small part of the work and mainly involved highlighting or adding a tiny detail, like the fuzz on the stem of a poppy. Lenore is the lady on the left. Club member, Julie helped display Lenore's gorgeous quilts..

In the below photo, Lenore showed us the same quilt with different backgrounds.
Lenore said she had many scraps from making watercolor quilts so she shedded them. She then made quilts by placing the shreds under tulle and then stitching and adding touches of paint. The two photos below are examples of this technique.

I learned a lot listening to her speak and seeing her quilts was like looking at art in a museum.


Linda said...

Thanks for another great posting! You did a great job of bringing the invitational to life!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Simply amazing. I've always wanted to do some watercolor quilting. One of these days. She's really inspiring!