Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New York Weekend

I have some more photos from our shopping in the garment district of NYC. The picture below is Ang amid the trims in one shop. I've never seen so many colors and sizes of ric rac in one place.

More trims in another shop.

The collection of beaded fringe was so colorful, I had to photograph it.

These are the trims I purchased with crazy quilting in mind.

I bought some fabric to make a vest. The shop I found this paisley fabric did not have prices on their fabric. When I asked the price....$10 a yard. When I buy fabric locally, it is carefully measured and then cut straight on a flat table. In this store, the salesman laid the fabric next to a yard stick and cut the fabric with scissors with one end of the bolt on the floor. The price when I checked out....$10. No sales tax????

I bought this fabric in another shop. I want to test the vest pattern before making a crazy quilt vest. Again I had to ask the price...$10. This time the salesman didn't even measure, just held the fabric out an arm's length and cut the fabric in the aisle. When I looked a little questioning about the length, he showed me that I had more than a yard, using a yardstick that was on top of some fabric. Well, one end was over a yard but the other end was a lot shorter. Again when I checked out the cost was exactly $10, no tax?
On Saturday, Ang and I went to the Museum of Arts and Design. They would not allow photos so all I have is a picture of the pin that came with the entrance fee. We saw a lot of detailed paper art. Part of Madeleine Albright's pin collection was on display. I thought I have a lot of pins but she had 200 in the display. I read she wore different pins depending on where and whom she was meeting with. The pin display drew a large crowd.
I had a great time in NYC and I'm happy I got to help Ang shop for her wedding dress.

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Linda said...

Angie looks sooo happy! That paisley fabric looks like it will make a beautiful vest. And those trims will sure look neat on acrazy quilt. How fun it must have been.