Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thumb Winter Wonderland Shop Hop

Our computer has been ill. My husband, Tom, has been doctoring it all week. I'm so glad he understands how the computer works and is willing to spend the time involved in diagnosing and treating it. He's not sure he has all the bugs out yet, but at least it's running again.

Last Thursday I went on a bus tour of the Thumb Winter Wonderland Shop Hop. We started in Millington. Our first stop was in Elkton at the Backstreet Quilt Shop. Our next stop was The Corner Store in Harbor Beach. At lunch time we were in Marlette at Sisters in Quilting. Most of the shops had snacks for us, in Marlette they furnished lunch for their shoppers. Our fourth stop was in Imlay City at The Pincushion. We made an unscheduled shop in Davison at Linda's Quilt Shop. About 5pm we arrived back in Millington at My Lil' Quilt Shop. There Connie had supper ready for us. The shops on the tour all gave us a 20% discount and some goodies, for example fat quarters, a Christmas ornament and a tape measure. The stores had gotten together and designed a winter quilt. Each store gave us their part of the pattern. Except for spending too much, we all had a great time.

The photos below show some of my purchases. I bought these three fabrics to make myself a smock style apron.

These two fabrics are intended for another apron. The pattern I plan to use is reversible, so one fabric will be on one side and the other on the back.

I was happy to find the fabric below, I'm thinking it could be part of a tote bag in the future.

Excuse my bad photo, this is a pattern for mini wall hangings. I just couldn't resist buying it.

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Great great fabrics. What a fun thing to do - take a bus tour for shop hop. These computer issues are everywhere. I think it is scary. Hope it gets better.