Sunday, April 25, 2010

Millington Quilt Club Meeting...Part 2

More photos from our meeting last Wednesday......Faith made three quilts for charity. I'm not sure why I didn't take photos of all of them...sorry. This is one of the three.

Kay made this purple tote bag for her daughter-in-law. Kay told me earlier that she had her daughter and daughter-in-law shop for their tote fabric in her stash. What a good way to shrink down the stash and make others happy too.

This is Jan with her bright batik quilt top. I always love the happy colors Jan uses.

Vivian shared her Lazy Girl purse. She had been working on it at our club's sleepover.

Nancy made this colorful bag.

Dena was being a little camera shy when she showed off her Bow Tucks bag.

Pat made this quilt for a friend who is retiring in June.

Pat made numerous gift bags. The bags are made using 2 fat quarters.

Some of us have been taking Crazy Quilt classes at My Lil' Quilt Shop. Pat shared the square she is working on.

Jan donated this scrappy quilt top to the club. Our club gives quilts to families who are victims of house fires.

Jan made this red, white and blue quilt for a niece's graduation. Lucky grad!

Busy Jan also made these place mats.

Jan made the jacket she wore to the meeting.

At the sleepover, Jan was working on this table runner.

Doris showed us a tote bag insert she made after taking a class Jan taught.

Cheryl made a mini Bow Tucks bag.

Karen is making a Crazy Quilt square using fabric from her mother's clothes.

Karen was also in our Crazy Quilt class, this is the square she worked on.

At our sleepover, Eileen was showing us how to make baskets, rugs, etc. by wrapping fabric around clothes line. This is one of the two rugs, Karen later made.

One of the best benefits of belong to a quilt club is seeing every one's projects.
Thanks to Dena for taking notes while I took photos. It makes it a lot easier for me to remember details later....since it seems to take me a while to post the pictures.

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

You know, what is great about a quilt group and show-n-tell, is that I can put myself right there with those ladies and know I'd get along with them and have so much in common with them. In fact, it makes me want to be their friends, seeing them and their projects. Love the bags. So individual and shows personality.