Thursday, May 17, 2012

Checkbook Cover

A while ago, Dena gave my friends and I each a piece of fabric.  We are each suppose to make something using it.  I decided to work on that project today.  I needed something quick and fun to work on.  My last project was a disappointment and the bag I'm working on looks like it's going to take forever.  So today I made a checkbook cover and embellished it with metallic thread and a few rhinestones.

This is a photo of the interior.  It was an easy and fun project.  I found the tutorial here.

I received some very neat presents for Mother's Day.  Jeff made me this impressive martin house, more like a martin condo.  It has 6 apartments.  Hopefully it will be installed in the backyard in time for some birds to take up residence this summer.

Jenny sent me this cute pair of Polish pottery salt and pepper shakers.  I always have multiple sets of salt and pepper shakers on the stove top ledge.  They brighten up the kitchen.

These colorful mushrooms are part of the present Angela and Austin sent me.  They look great in the front flowerbed.  I think Ang gave me the frogs a few years ago for Mother's day.  They all seem to enjoy hanging together.


Linda said...

Love your embellishments on the cover! Mother's Day gifts are great too! Lucky mom.

Emily Alyn said...

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