Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring Flowers

This spring has been untypical. We had a couple of weeks of summer in March and then April was cold and windy. Usually I enjoy my spring flowers but this year blossoms and flowers didn't last long.  This is all that is left of my flowers, a pretty strawberry plant.

and a few tulips.  The grape hyacinths keep popping up even though I've tried to get rid of them.  They were taking over the flower bed.

Today my friend, Dena invited me to go with her to Pride and Country and  Abele's Greenhouse.  We both found some cute garden decorations at Pride and Country and enjoyed a tasty lunch in the  Barn. 

This is a photo of Abele's beautiful flowers.

This is Dena in front of the hydrangeas.

We had a great time picking out pansies and some perennials.

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