Monday, April 13, 2009

Millington Quilt Club

Last Wednesday, the Millington Quilt Club met. The members agreed to let me post pictures of our "Show and Tell" on my blog. I would have posted this soon but I left the notes behind after the meeting. Linda was nice enough to write down who the quilts belonged to for me as I took pictures, thanks Linda :)

This is Linda with a cute spring wall hanging. This was the first project Linda has done alone. Great Job!

This is Amy's first project, she made a coaster using all handwork. Did you notice the fish in the middle of all the cats? Cute!

Carole made this gorgeous wall hanging. She had entered it in the Saginaw Piecemaker's Quilt Show and won a ribbon. Not surprising.

Viola made this manly quilt for her son.

Viola also made this quilt using Asian prints.

Julie made this beautiful Crazy Quilt. The detail is amazing. She had this quilt in the Saginaw Piecemaker's Show and I think she also won a ribbon for it.

Carol is working on a Grandmother's Garden Quilt.

Darlene brought her Tie Quilt to show us.

Darlene also made this quilt to be given to charity. Julie did the quilting on it.

Carole also made this pretty scalloped-edge quilt.

Mary made the green purse. I'm not sure what else she is showing us, I'll have to pay more attention next time.

Julie also made this ornate quilt using her embroidery machine.

This picture is a little dark, but I think you can see the cosmetic bag Viola made. The top of the bag snapped shut. The secret inside was a metal measuring tape in the top edges.

Jan made this detailed mini quilt. I may owe Jan $5 for posting her project. I hope she was joking :)
This was my first effort at taking pictures of the group's projects and a few of the photos didn't turn out :( Hopefully, I gave credit to the right people.


Linda said...

Nice job taking the pictures of Show and Tell. It is always fun seeing other people's work! Thanks for posting them on your blog. Now my husband can see our work at Quilt Club.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Well I love show-n-tell. It makes me smile to see all the wonderful women I have things in common with. I've always wanted to do a big poppy like that yellow flower. That definately makes me want to do it today! Wish I could. What an inspiring group.

mrsquarles said...

hi mary! thanks so much for posting the pictures of show and tell from quilt club. I really enjoy your blog so much and look forward to seeing everything you do. Your such an insperation to me and my mom. Hope you had a wonderful Easter. See you soon.