Friday, April 17, 2009

Signs of Spring

From my kitchen window, I am able to see the back garage (Tom's workshop and storage). Next to the garage, I have a small garden with a fence and arbor. Today I noticed some flowers were in bloom next to the garage. Please ignore the dead plants from last fall.

The bright red tulips are an early variety and only about six inches tall.

I have daffodils in numerous spots in the yard. They seem to not mind being transplanted regularly.

Look at what I found hiding next to the edging. The happy little plants just seed themselves.

For weeks I have been working on making a sweatshirt into a jacket, using this pattern. I'm almost done, so that will be my next post. The jacket has taken a lot longer than I anticipated.


mrsquarles said...

beautiful flowers!!! I think spring has finally sprung. looking forward to seeing your jacket you made. See you wednesday at quilt club.

Linda said...

Love your flowers! I will use one of the pictures for a new background on my computer. Thanks for the help when we were shopping Saturday! I'm going to read the quilt magazines you gave me.