Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sweatshirt Jacket

I used numerous fabrics and 6 kinds of thread when making a sweatshirt into a jacket. I had a lot of difficultly with the green, blue and gold metallic threads even though I used a metallic thread needle and loosened the tension.

Because the jacket turned out a little shorter than I wanted, I added a patchwork strip at the bottom.

I also patched the binding I used on the neckline and front of the jacket.

I'm fairly pleased with the jacket but will not make another or recommend the pattern to anyone else. The reason is the fabric patches were sewn on with raw edges. After washing the jacket, I had to resew some of the seams and trim off hundreds of fraying threads. Even on the finished jacket you can see the loose threads. I hope they won't continue to fray when I wear the jacket.

This is the back of the jacket.

This is the front. I put white shirt under the jacket so that the front binding would show up.


Linda said...

I love the jacket! It turned out very nice. Considering all the work it didn't take you long to finish it. The binding looks great.

mrsquarles said...

wow your jacket looks so nice. I love all the pretty blues in it. wonderful job Mary!

jenny said...

this exceeds my expectations. and it looks less like a sweatshirt than the ones in the pattern picture.

I'm surprised by the colors too - you don't wear much blue, outside the denim shirt.