Sunday, April 5, 2009


Before I retired, I taught at a boy's detention facility. When I started working there, a coworker suggested I should make my math classes more interesting by using sports stats in my problems. Over the years I developed lessons around football, basketball, baseball and even car racing. I always did my basketball lesson during March Madness. My students thought I was a real sports fan. In reality, except for hunting down the information for my lessons, I don't follow any sports. So now why the quandary?


We live in Michigan and most of the family attended MSU. However in my immediate family, we all attended other colleges, CMU, Ferris, Kettering, EMU and WMU. A big factor is that Jenny went to grad school at UNC.

So who will I cheer for on Monday?


Linda said...

Cheer for them both! You won't be disappointed when the other team loses.

John said...

yeah! you picked the right team, for sure! go tar heels! (ps. another quilter and I have a 4 fat quarter bet on the game ... now i REALLY have a reason to cheer!)

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Hi Mary,
hmmm...can't help with the team quandry, neither hubby or I are sports people.
Love how you use sports stats to help teach math! Brilliant idea!
My sis is a math teacher, too, and teaches math via video based on construction projects and other "real world" applications.

Kimberly :)

mrsquarles said...

what a neat idea and way to teach math. I like my mom's adivice cheer for them both. I am not into sports either. Well looking forward to seeing you wednesday at quilting club..... Take Care!!

Dionne said...

I used to live in Michigan back when it was Magic Johnson vs Larry Bird. I haven't watched NCAA since, but really you MUST support MSU! Ok well, maybe not MUST because it's always good to support your daughter's team as well. So, cheer for them both, but be happy when the Spartans Kick Wild Patooty!
PS - that means that the Spartans will most likely win! (LOL)