Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Herbal Luncheon

Yesterday, my friend Pat took me and some other friends to the Herbal Luncheon at Zehnder's in Frankenmuth. The Frankenmuth Unit of the Herb Society of America sponsored the lunch. There were about 200 women there. The Herb Society had decorated the room, set up displays and sold herbs and garden related items. Their speaker was Claude Weiller from the California Olive Ranch, which produces olive oil. Since the theme and speaker dealt with olive oil, Chef John Zehnder prepared a Mediterranean meal using herbs and olive oil.

After the lunch Claude Weiller explained the different types of olive oil and the differences between European and American olive oil. Just like tasting wine, we learned the method for tasting olive oil. We all received a bottle of olive oil from the California Olive Ranch. Thanks for a very enjoyable afternoon, Pat :)


mrsquarles said...

glad you had a nice afternoon and luncheon. My mom told me the food was really good. That looks like a nice bottle of olive oil. see you wednesday!

Linda said...

It was a very nice luncheon! I enjoyed it very much.