Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Therapeutic Snog

Happy Birthday, Ang!

This is a photo of the birthday presents I made for Ang last year. I filled the frog with rice and told her she could put it in the microwave for a few minutes and use it like a heating pad. During the past year, she had a 3 day killer headache. Ang said sleeping with the warm frog behind her head was the only thing that helped relieve the pain. When I asked Ang what I could make her this year for her birthday, she suggested a snake filled with rice that could wrap around her neck.

Personally, I hate snakes and really didn't want to make one. After looking on the net at different rice or bean filled neck warmers, I sent some photos to Jenny and asked her opinion. She told me I had to make Ang a Snog.

About 25 years ago, I made my mother a draft dog out of brown calico using orange felt for ears and it's feet. It may have laid in front of the door some of the time, but mostly my kids and nieces played with it. They called it Snog. Until Jenny suggested I make Ang a Snog, I didn't understand the name. Jenny explained it was a dog that looked like a snake, therefore it was a Snog.

Jenny loves vintage fabric and just happened to have some brown calico and orange felt. She sent me some of each and I made Ang a Snog.

Ang, who lives in Brooklyn, opened her presents while we talked on the phone. She said the neck warmer fit perfectly around her neck and renamed it the Therapeutic Snog.


Stephanie said...

I have a bag filled with buckwheat. Marvelous for the neck. I think your frog is much cuter. :o)

mrsquarles said...

aww how cute you may be on to something for thearputic purposes I want to try it out next time I get a migrane. I love the snog it is so adorable how neat...

Linda said...

Cute Snog! The heart feet and ears are cute.